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New Practice venue.  Beginning next week, Tuesday, January 29, 4 to 5:30 pm. Rehearsals continue to be every Tuesday through May 7.

Grace UM Church 8 Carrera Street.  Drop kids off for rehearsal on Carrera street who will enter through the courtyard and can be picked up the same place. Option 2:  drop them off in the parking lot across the street.  The attendant will let you stay for a few minutes to see them safely across the street.  Or Ancient City Baptist Church will allow us a few spaces for parents who will stay for the rehearsal.

2019 Spring Schedule

Dues: $35 for the semester (Jan-May).  Scholarships available, talk to Mrs. Fradley

Rehearsals: every Tuesday from 4:00 - 5:30 at Grace United Methodist Church.

February 23 from 9 - 4, Saturday . Children's Choir Festival at Grace UM Church.   Lunch is included, there is a 3 pm performance that is free for family and friends.

April 6, Saturday, from 9 to 12:30 - Exchange and sing- together with Lumina Youth Choirs from Tampa Florida including a presentation of a children's opera by Stetson University.

April 26, Friday, at 1:30 (call time 12:30) DisneyWorld, Disney Springs performance.

May 10, Friday, 5:30, (call time 4:30)- End of the Year Public Concert - "The Circle of Life", at Ancient City Baptist Church, 27 Sevilla St, St Augustine.  A medley of songs from the hit Disney musical, Lion King, will be featured as well as songs from Africa and other parts of the world.  This 35-voice youth choir, under the direction of Kerry Fradley, will perform lively songs from Africa, songs from Europe, and songs from America that show the joy and diversity of life all around us. This is our main concert for the St Augustine Community.

May 4, Saturday, (noon rehearsal and 4 to 5:30 performance with call time at 3 pm) at Central Baptist Church in Daytona.

May 11, Saturday, at 4 pm - 5:30 (call time at 2:45), St Augustine. At Kirk Auditorium, Fl School for the Deaf and Blind. "Carmina Burana" - Presented by St Augustine Community Chorus and Bel Canto Singers from Daytona.  St Augustine Youth Chorus will be singing as part of these programs.

Other benefit performances may be scheduled.

**If your child will be absent for one of the performances, please email.

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Pay: Dues/Blouse/T-Shirt fees

Upcoming Rehearsals & Events

There are no upcoming events.

Snack Schedule

Enough drinks and snacks for 30.
Mrs. Keating is in charge of snacks.  Please contact her with any questions.